Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains, also known as Safety Scanners, Light Beams or just Safety Curtains are opto-electronic devices designed to safeguard people/animals/things... from potentially dangerous moving machinery.

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These systems work by creating an infrared detection ‘curtain’, projected across the danger area betweentransmitterandreceiver


Any intrusion into the zone results in a ‘stop’ signal being sent to the machine, stopping it before the person can reach a position where injury could occur.


Often used on presses, packing machines, robot assemblies & welding cells to name a few.

A simple yet powerful concept which can be monitored without the need for any complicated programming. 

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Axxa Ltd are a technical distributor for Mechan Controls

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Competitor-beating quality, super available, outstanding pricing & Made in the UK. Mechan Controls’ machine guarding products make a perfect addition to our portfolio of only the best, European-produced equipment.

Suitable for use in SIL3 IEC EN 61508:2010, EN 62061:2005 & PL-e ISO 13849-1:2015 installations and independently certified to EN 61496- 1:2013

Things to Consider Before Buying Light Curtains

Light Curtains Detection Beams Showcase Picture

Detection Capability:


Finger - 14mm beam resolution
Hand - 30mm beam resolution
Body - 70mm beam resolution

Length of devices:


+ 1200mm - finger protection

+ 1800mm - body protection

Bracket options:


Clamp, Adjustable, end cap bracket

Control system is required to monitor the light curtains. Example, Expandable safety relay by Mechan Controls.

Mechan Controls Safety Relay with Expandable Modules Picture Showcase

The beauty of this expandable relay is that you can monitor multiple switching types at the same time. 


Let’s say for example you have a pair of light curtains, an E.Stop button, magnet sensors or electro- mechanical switches on a door. If any one of them is triggered, the relay sends the stop signal to the machine.


Want to add another switch into the system later? Simple, just add another module to the existing relay stack and you are good to go.