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Welcome to Axxa Ltd

Do you need a Part? Do you need it quickly (1-2 Days Europe, USA & Canada. 2-3 Days Asia. 2-4 Days Worldwide), and at a great price? Do you need it to be covered by a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind? Do you want to communicate with engineers who understand your requirements and more importantly can offer a solution? Welcome to Axxa Ltd.

Axxa Ltd are based in Stoke on Trent, centrally positioned in the hub of the UK. We have great road and rail links to all parts of the country and are 35 minutes from Manchester International airport. The company was started in 2010 and is staffed by people with a background in Machine Tool, Automation, Military and Automotive Engineering. The plan was to form a “can do” operation capable of completing projects anywhere in the world. With successful completions in every continent we have achieved this. Motion control, PLC, CNC Machine Tools, we have worked with it.

We have now built up a huge stock of parts in the UK; all of our pictures are of our stock and the stock levels are live and correct. We have an efficient distribution system to get things where they need to be quickly and cost effectively. We also have strong links with suppliers so if it`s not on the shelf we can get hold if it quickly and at the right price.

Axxa Ltd have a strength in supplying obsolete parts too. If we haven’t got it on the shelf we may well be able to supply a direct replacement. There are hundreds of items of machinery operating around the world running with a part supplied by us after the companies were told that there was no replacement.

Over the years we have found that sometimes, a quality and warrantied used part can be the answer. To that end we have a supply of used parts either removed by us from running machinery or tested by our technicians. Peace of mind when purchasing these items comes from a comprehensive warranty. On writing this we have never had a used item returned due to failure!

Sometimes the item in question cannot be replaced by a new, alternative or used part. In these cases a repair can be the solution. Servo Motors and Drives, PLC and ancillaries, Machine Tool Controls and even Spindles pass through our workshop to emerge refurbished to OEM specification and with a 12 month warranty.

At Axxa Ltd we take customer satisfaction seriously. Everyone says this of course, but here we mean it. Our staff have flown halfway around the world within 8 hours of receiving a call, part fitted and machine back in production in less than 24 hours! If there is one thing we love at Axxa, more than a happy customer, it is a repeat happy customer. We like to get to know you and your requirements as we move forward. We love talking to our customers. We don’t need every conversation to end in a sale. For help, advice or just to know what the weather is like in the UK today we are here at the end of a phone, email or skype screen.

If you require further information, Quotation, Proforma Invoice or Technical help please get in touch at , call on +44 (0) 1782 409752 or for a free Skype chat call on :