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Project Management

Axxa provides total management solutions for a full spectrum of electrical engineering projects. At the heart of each project there is usually some kind of induction motor spinning away.

Example projects include: replacing large water pump systems, building high power control panels, & improving the power quality of entire electrical sites, such as power factor correction, peak shaving systems & voltage stabilisation.

From start to finish, each Client will have a dedicated experienced Project Manager to take care of every detail including specification, supply, installation, and commissioning.

Axxa brings together the industry leading experts in each field. Through strong business relationships we then secure and pass on the best deals to our Clients, resulting in outstanding results at the right price all under one roof.

Every salesperson at Axxa has a strong background in electrical engineering so you will always be able to speak to someone who will understand, and more importantly be able to offer a solution.

Our fantastic relationships with the top Manufacturers have thus allowed us to drive prices down to pass on to our Clients, whether it be simple contactor replacement to complete machine packages.

For all industrial automation projects, advice & spare parts, why not put us to the test?

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